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Chairman: Dr Tim Gray MBE

Clinical lead: Dr Mark Folman
clinical lead@emics.org.uk

Recruitment and Retention Lead and those interested in joining EMICS: Dr Simon Topham

Hon. Treasurer: Ms Jenny Burgess
c/o The Fountain Medical Centre, Sherwood Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1QH

Hon. Press Officer: Mrs Amander Meade

Hon. Secretary: Mr Garth Lee

For information on EMICS:

Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh East Midlands Regional Faculty of Pre Hospital Care Chair, Andy Lee. andylee@f2s.com

Anyone wishing to support the work of EMICS please email the treasurer


EMICS is a registered charity. Registered address and details are displayed at the bottom of the page.

All doctors in EMICS are volunteers who attend emergency incidents at the request of and in support of staff from the EMAS. All EMICS doctors receive no payment for their work with EMICS, working voluntarily over and above their normal general practice or hospital work. They work alongside and in support of paramedics and crews from the East Midlands Ambulance Service, as and when they are available.

Although all the doctors work for EMICS on a totally voluntary basis, the Scheme, which is a registered charity, urgently needs to raise funds to purchase more of the specialist equipment that the doctors carry so that more doctors can be recruited. EMICS is entirely funded by donations from members of the public and legacies; there is no funding from any government source.

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Donation by the Free Mason Dale Abbey Lodge 5603 in the Province of Derbyshire 22 January 2017

Dr Tim Gray was welcomed by the Free Masons Dale Abbey Lodge 5603 in January to give the Lodge an insight into EMICS and how the charity provides pre-hospital emergency care in the East Midlands. He gratefully received a cheque donation for £1378-20.

The Lodge heard how EMICS had recently recruited a further 3 doctors who respond into the county of Derbyshire in addition to those who currently do so already. The three new doctors are Doctors Julie Robinson, James Nayyar and Leon Hickinbotham.

EMICS covers the counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire. All the doctors respond in their free time and at no cost to the NHS or the East Midlands Ambulance Service with whom they work corroboratively. EMICS is totally dependent on donations.

Thank you so much for your support.


















Meeting 5 years later 10 January 2017









One Saturday evening in early September 2011, volunteer Dr Leon Roberts attended to a patient with multiple traumatic injuries near Colsterworth. Today our EMICS doctor met Mr Mitchell for the first time and was delighted to see him looking so well. A huge thank you to Roger and his family from EMICS for the most generous donation to our charitable scheme today - best wishes - EMICS














Mum-of-two seriously injured after being run over by her own car in Oakham

Leicester Mercury: Reporter Adrian Troughton: Posted: January 11, 2017

A mum-of-two was seriously injured when she was run over by her own car.
Mandy McAuliffe suffered a broken cheek bone, a broken nose, five broken ribs and a punctured lung in the freak accident on her driveway. The 49-year-old was airlifted to hospital where surgeons repaired her broken body and inserted a metal plate in her cheek to rebuild her face.

Mandy, of Oakham, has spoken for the first time to thank the emergency services who swung into action when she was injured on December 4. She told how the accident happened after she leaned into her Ford Ka to start the engine to warm up the car on the frosty morning.
Mandy said: "I forgot to take the car out of gear and it lurched backwards and the open door knocked me over. "I fell to the floor and the car kangaroo hopped backwards and the wheels went over my head and my chest. "The car carried on and ended up crashing into next door's house. "I managed to stagger to my feet and walked to my front door to raise the alarm."Mandy said her daughter's boyfriend Rhys Smith, 19, who is a lifeguard at Oakham School and Rutland Water, started to administer first aid. Her 19-year-old daughter Amber dialled 999.

Mandy said the police arrived closely followed by Professor Guy Rutty, a Home Office pathologist also working as a volunteer doctor with the East Midlands Immediate care Scheme (EMICS). She said: "The police officer and Guy Rutty were great. "They both put me at ease and I realised I was in safe hands."
Mandy was taken by ambulance to a field outside Oakham where the air ambulance landed to fly her to Queens' Medical Centre in Nottingham. Surgeons operated on Mandy and inserted a metal plate in her cheek to help rebuild her face.

Mandy said: "I want to thank everyone involved in my care. "I am lucky enough to be able to make such a good recovery because of everyone involved on every step of the way." Professor Rutty said he was delighted to have been able to assist alongside the other emergency service personnel and was pleased to hear of Mandy's continued recovery. He said: "This kind of incident highlights the key role that the EMICS volunteer doctors play in ensuring better outcomes for people involved in accidents across the region. "We are immensely grateful for all those who support our ongoing work with donations and fund raising."
Mandy is hoping to be back at work within three weeks in her role as a Rutland County Council support worker for autistic children.

Support event for EMICS 9th Dec 2016

The lifesaving work of regional volunteer doctors was highlighted as hundreds of guests including High Sheriff of Rutland Dr Sarah Furness attended an evening with carols in support of the East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme.

Nigel and Kathy Gates generously offered their restaurant at Gates Nursery and Garden Centre in Cold Overton as the venue for a wonderful evening of festive music featuring carols and traditional Christmas music sung by male voice choir The Belvoir Wassailers, on Friday.
Nearly 300 guests paid £15 per ticket to attend the event and were treated to mulled wine and delicious homemade festive refreshments.
Known as EMICS, the East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme is a network of doctors from hospitals and general practices in the East Midlands who volunteer to attend emergency situations as and when their day jobs' allow The scheme covers six counties and supports the work of the East Midlands Ambulance Service. Costs lie in the recruitment and training of new volunteer doctors and in providing them with equipment and medical supplies.
EMICS volunteer Dr Leon Roberts spoke at the event about the work of the charity and guests enjoyed the first public viewing of a promotional video.
Another highlight of the evening was an auction led by Jeff Dale of prizes donated by local businesses and individuals. The amount raised during the event is expected to be in excess of £5,000 Chairman and founder of EMICS Dr Tim Gray said: "It was a wonderful evening and great to see so many guests enjoying themselves whilst finding out more about the work of EMICS"

GRATITUDE 5th Dec 2016

Thanks to those who came to help On Monday, December 5.

I attended the Oakham Christmas Market with my mum and two children to watch my daughter dance. Sadly, my mum collapsed in the market place surrounded by crowds of people. There were several people that were quick to help me, some of which I did not get chance to thank.
Please can I send out this thank you to the lovely man from "EMICS" who gave medical attention to my mum and called for further help. To the doctor who then came to offer further assistance and the ambulance staff that helped and got us to the hospital safely. Also thank you to all the dance mums and dads who reassured my children, lent my mum their coats and made sure that my children got home safely.
I would like them all to know how grateful me and my family are. My mum is now recovering in hospital thanks to all of you. With many thanks.
Sarah Whaley and family by e-mail

New Doctor Joins Volunteer Emergency Doctors’ Scheme 25th August 2016

East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme (EMICS) is pleased to announce the recruitment of another volunteer emergency doctor to work with the Scheme in Derbyshire.

Dr Julie Robinson is an Associate Specialist in the Emergency Department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and will be available to support crews from East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) at emergencies in the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire area. Dr Robinson has lived in Ashover for 14 years, having been born and brought up in Devon. Outside of her working life, Julie is interested in everything outdoors. She particularly enjoys walking, cycling, and running.

On the subject of joining EMICS, Julie said: “I am honoured and excited to be a part of such a generous group of people offering their time and expertise to those in need. I hope I can become an effective and respected member of the scheme.”


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